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Timezone Title: Asia/Taipei
China Standard Time (CST)
Next DST: There is no DST in this country
All daylight saving time changes
Standard UTC Offset: +8:00 Hours
Actual UTC Offset: +8:00 Hours
Actual Offset MESZ: +6:00 Hours
Calendar week (European standard): 22

Country Info

Language: Standard Chinese
Capital: Beijing
Size: 9,596,960 km²
Currency: Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
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Tld: .cn
Fon: + 86
Isoname: CN
Population: 1,330,044,000
Neighbour countries: Laos; Bhutan; Tajikistan; Kazakhstan; Mongolia; Afghanistan; Nepal; Myanmar (Burma); Kyrgyzstan; Pakistan; North Korea; Russia; Vietnam; India



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Travel info

Best time of year for a holiday:

The best time for a trip to Beijing is in May and June, because the mix of pleasant temperatures and little rainfall is best during time.

Generally speaking, the country can be divided into quite various different regional climates: Subtropical in the south, continental in the north and east and high mountain climate in Tibet. The far west of China is partly characterized by a desert environment.

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